OOH SNAP!™ Crispy Protein Bar

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Product Description

With a vision to make a fun and new tasty protein bar, Snap Nutrition™ created the OOH SNAP! Crispy Protein Bars. Tired of the same old chewy protein bar? OOH SNAP! Crispy Protein Bars delivers a delicious coating with a tasty crispy center. Whatever your fitness goals are, Ooh Snap! Crispy Protein bars fits right in.

Get yourself through the day by cutting out hunger with a healthy and tasty treat without having to feel guilty. Protein bars were meant to look and taste great! We like to think of our bars as not an alternative snack to healthy eating, but a necessity!

BOX SERVINGS SIZE: 7 – 1.6oz (44g) Bars
NET WEIGHT: 10.9oz (40g)

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